Regular Dental Cleanings Keep your Smile Healthy

A dental cleaning is one of the most basic and easiest dental appointments you will ever have. That being said, it may also be the most important one. A dental cleaning appointment is actually done by a dental hygienist who is specially trained to check oral health and oral health practices of the patient. He or she will work with you to establish good dental hygiene, such as brushing and flossing, mouthwash, and eating more healthy foods.

It is important to maintain good dental hygiene in order to avoid more problematic issues, including cavities, root canals, and other larger, more expensive procedures. A dental cleaning appointment is the best way to make sure you are doing your part to prevent these issues from arising.

At any dental cleaning, called a “prophy” appointment, your hygienist will probably do several things with you. First, he or she will speak with you about your home habits, and give you any needed instruction on tooth brushing or flossing. Then you will probably undergo a very brief exam, possibly followed by periodontal charting. This is where the gum attachment to the tooth is measured, and is the best way to find any gum disease that may be taking root.

The hygienist will work with you to resolve any problems that are found, whether by scheduling more appointments with the dental office, or trying to change lifestyle habits that will help solve your problems. The hygienist will then scale your teeth to remove any tartar that is eating away the enamel (the hard surface protecting the root of the tooth). They may brush and floss your teeth for you. For children, a dental cleaning is also usually accompanied by a fluoride treatment, which coats the tooth in fluoride to strengthen the enamel. If necessary, a hygienist will remove any calculas by either hand-scaling or with a machine called an ultrasonic device.

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For the best dental health, prophy or cleaning appointments should be scheduled every six months. If you have a history of gum disease or oral health problems, you may want to come in more often to prevent further issues. Your hygienist and dental office should work with you to find a schedule that works with your lifestyle and insurance coverage, but don’t avoid the dental cleaning appointment. Although it may seem less important than many of the larger procedures, it is the best way to maintain oral health throughout your life, and to catch problems while they are still small.visit this source for more updates.

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